3 Unforgettable Holiday Itineraries for 11 Days in Spain & Italy
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3 Unforgettable Holiday Itineraries for 11 Days in Spain & Italy

The sun-drenched beaches of Spain and the ancient wonders of Italy attract worldwide tourists. The two Mediterranean neighbours attract tourists with different flavours. If you are planning a 11-day stay in Italy and Spain then the itinerary planning has to be perfect.

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Itinerary 1: History and art lovers

Start in Rome, Italy. It is a city overflowing with ancient wonders. Explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum to get a peek in the Roman Empire.

Immerse in Renaissance talents displayed at the Vatican Museum and admire the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Travel to north of Florencem where masterpieces of da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo are displayed at the Uffizi Gallery.

At the Academia Gallery, you get to see the awe-inspiring statute of David. The Gothic architecture with its spectacular cathedral dome is breath-taking.

From Florence you go to Barcelona, Spain to immerse in the Gaudi architecture. Explore the unique basilica – Sagrada Familia and a whimsical public art piece Park Guell.

Final stop is Madrid – the capital of Spain. The Museo Del Prado houses masterpieces of Spanish artists Goya, Velazquez and El Greco.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is a fabulous model of Baroque architecture. This itinerary promises a remarkable exploration of history and art.

Itinerary 2: Culinary & hidden gems

Begin in Bologna, Italy, a haven for foodies. Master the art of cooking creamy gelato or Bolognese ragu at a cooking class. Explore the complex of interconnected churches p Basilica di Santo Stefano.

Next, travel to Cinque Terre [Italy], a Cliff Sidé village. Hike between the colourful houses, savour fresh seafood and enjoy the spectacular coastal views.

Skip the Trevi Fountain crowds and delve into Trastevere, a charming neighbourhood popular for its classic trattorias and local wines.

Continue to San Sebastian, Spain, a paradise for pintxos. DMC Spain services from Dispo.Travel can arrange a private pintxos tours. In Barcelona, discover the Gaudi’s lesser-known Casa Batllo with its whimsical façade.

End in Madrid, where you can visit the Mercado de San Miguel, a paradise for Spanish delicacies and gourmet tapas.

This itinerary is a unique combination of culinary delight, leaving you with deep appreciation for Spanish and Italian culture.

Itinerary 3: Island hopping adventures

To immerse yourself in Island paradise, start in charming Capri, Italy. It has Cliffside views, delicious limoncello and colorful village squares. Hike to the Blue Grotto for magical light show.

Next, hop to Sardine, Italy for access to turquoise water and pristine beaches. Take a boat and explore the hidden coves or visit the ancient ruins at Nora.

Sail to lively Mallorca, Spain to experience the charismatic seaside towns and Gothic architecture in Palma. Hike on the scenic trains or enjoy the tranquillity on the beaches.

Finish in volcanic Tenerife, Spain, dominated by the majestic Mount Teide. Hike on the volcanic trails, explore the black sand beaches or take a dolphin tour.

Remember, these itineraries are starting points but you can tailor them based on you kids age or your interests.

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